This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.

This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.
My name is Adif and I am handsome.

11 June 2011

How to keep your jewelry good as new

Hi Peeps,
mOna here.
It's Saturday and it's my off day. I officially made Friday and Saturday my off day.
Hey, a girl need some time off too right?:)
So, usually these off days my day would start quite late.
After prayers, I just go back to sleep till noon. Hahhahaha... with Adif op kos!
I am not here to tell you about my days but
How to keep your jewelry like new.
Jewelry here refering to plated metals or the non-expensive kinda jewelry. Eventhough it is not expansive, it is still money we 'invest' in buying these things.
So, here's the deal. You bought some necklace, bracelets and earrings and over time (sometimes not too long) the things starts to turn into bronze, copper or turn into darker color. This process is called discoloring that's caused by the metal exposed to combination of several factors such as contact with our skin's oil, perfume, lotion , sweat and water. Not only inexpensive metal turn colors, precious gold and silver also turn colors, just takes a whole lot more time (especially gold-personal experience).

What to do to keep them from discoloration too soon?
Here's few tips,

1. WEAR your JEWELRY only AFTER you have put on your BODY LOTION and PERFUME.
2. If possible, take off your jewelry when taking shower or any activity to do with water contact. Do not use your jewelry when swimming in the sea for goodness sake. But nothing is impossible, if your jewelry made contact with salt sea water, after when you have done having fun in the sea, immediately clean the things with tap water and dry them with clean towel.
3. Keep them clean jewelry inside a zip lock bag. Those tiny things with zip lock things. If you buy jewelry accessories from Uniquely Moochiku, I will supply with the zip lock tiny bag.

Here are some pictures of the discoloration process.
(Please excuse the flower watermark- Watermark process gone bad.. :P )
Left : When I first made the earring. Using gold-plated chains and hook. Genuine pearls.
Middle : After 3 months, discoloration process starts to take place. Gold-plated chain and hook starting to change into slightly richer gold shade.
Right : After 6 months or so, the gold-plated chains and hook starts to change into a darker copper color. 

Personally, I still do wear the earring. But, on a serious note, DON'T! You know why? At this point, the gold plated chain and hook are not more PLATED and metal are exposed to the skin. Some people are allergic to bare metal contact and the reactions can be bad and serious. 
Once, during my university days, I came in contact with Nickel allergic and the reaction was I got rashes and "mosquito bites-like" bumps all over my body and it gives me goose-bumps just to think about it. Appearently, I was wearing a punk-rock-like bracelet containing nickel and great! I ended up looking like a monster.

Keep your jewelry clean and dry in zip lock seal bags.

Another case of discoloration.
Close up you can see the copper color starting to show. 
This process takes less than 5 months because I purposely spray on the chain. I was experimenting. Not only spraying parfume, I took it with me in the shower. How not cool is that? hehehhehhe...

So there you go.
Always keep in mind, whatever kind of jewelry you have, always keep them clean and dry.
LLaaa...lalalala... What else? So long I write this post, not boring meh? 
Okay... chow...


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Thanks for sharing....its really helpful....cheers!!!

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