This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.

This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.
My name is Adif and I am handsome.

08 August 2011

Of the Pill Freedom Fighter

This post should be in July but I know, kinda late.
I'm way off my timeline. As always.

After Adif went missing, I was teribbly lonely.
On 30th July June, my boyfriend's cat, his name is Pooding was very sick.
So we took him to the clinic and the vet gave Pooding a strict 2 weeks medicine which must be finished accordingly. My boyfriend surrendered because Pooding was "the pill freedom fighter". 
So I volunteered taking care of Pooding despite Pooding not really into me. He loves to bite my fingers and it hurts so bad.

Pooding has a history of poisoning and it was quite bad, he was admitted in the hospital for a night and went on drips. He was weak but better when we took him back. Due to financial restrain, we could not continue his medicals but continued to nurse him at home. Being a fighter himself, he got better. Still, after that poisoning, he was so fragile to fever, cough and very moody. Every now and then he catch flu very often. His immune system very low. BUt we all love him.

So, on 30th July I took him staying with me. I'm staying in an apartment and Pooding is so used to be staying on ground house (hope you know what that means).
At first, he didn't even want to look at me. When my boyfriend (his papa) send him off to me, he was like going to school for the first time, he looks like he's going to cry. 
Being weak, after his papa left him at my place and went back, Pooding just stayed inside the carrier till night time. I was just worried if he is stressed and could worsen his condition.
But his papa told me it's going to be okay, he just need time to adjust so gave him time I did.

Eventually, when it was meal time ( gave him wet food), he went out and ate then later, ate his pills
(not without a fight) and watch tv ( kidding!!) .
He went off to bed with me, he went on the other side, Adif's side. :(
First day went well. 

Second day? Tomorrow perhaps..?

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