This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.

This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.
My name is Adif and I am handsome.

05 May 2012

An average Minah talking about the called-off MAS and AIRASIA share swap deal

It is a personal opinion from an average Minah who sees the matter like any outsider sees a new country. This is my say about the Mas and AirAsia called off share swap.

For the very beginning of the news about possible share swap, deep in my guts ( my guts have a say?) I can see that the swap will only benefit no one. And it does just that. The share swapping deal between Mas and AirAsia on August, 2011 ended on 2 May 2012. Not that I cared enough to cry out a sea of tears but somehow the deal was too much waste of time, effort and of course the love of our life, money.

Growing up with MAS, I took a flight with them since I was 10years old right up until now, what never changes in MAS stewardess is their ability to maintain that smile that keeps you feel appreciated and welcomed at thousands of feet above in the sky. The bliss of flying. I have to spend, ehem, well, in my school days, my parents have to spend a lot of money for a ticket on MAS but all worth it for the warmth and that stewardess smile. AirAsia came, and I was in university, earning almost nothing and my views on flying changed. At first everybody was skeptical due to bad complaints of regular flyers, but me, I took the challange to fly with AirAsia because all I wanted back then and even now, free seats, cheaper tickets regardless what type of service and hospitality they offer me. To me, as long as they are human, what could go worst, they will still be kind to you and not look at you like dinner. And as long as the tickets are cheap, I'll take it. Even after all the additional this and that, AirAsia still is the best in cheap tickets domestic and international. Beat that. 

Back to August,2011, I don't know what struck the deal but I think, MAS needed AirAsia to help them or teach them how to maintain and operate an airline that MAKES MONEY. Not only by getting recognition with awards and sorts can get you more passenger but MAS needed some coaching on how to make more money to cover their operation cost which is more than what they earn (maybe).  If we do business, how can we survive if operation cost is way to high than what income we get. Definitely won't work. After 8 months, the deal was off and my wish is that I hope MAS did learn something from AirAsia and of the whole deal.

According to a newspaper article written by B.K Sidhu, on "Can MAS make it on its own", MAS needs to spend RM5Mil a day to cover cost but " cash can be depleted in three to four quarters if nothing is done soon". And soon isn't peeking around the corner just yet. It said in the article, the operational cost of MAS is high and it is one of the main reason for airline cash loss. Adding salt to injury, passengers which converts into sales are not maintaining the climbing style any business is hoping for. Something was stopping people from flying with MAS. And I am not going to tell you that today. 
One thing I noticed in the article, MAS group CEO, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, used a hell lot of prefix re- which translates to again and again. " Revisit the businss plan, ...restructuring, ..relook ...,, re-brand and more." After all these years I was not really surprised that MAS still haven't wake up from all the turmoils and problems facing them. And I don't see this problems faced by AirAsia. I know I am a bit biased on this issue, my opinion is againts MAS but hey, if they don't want to oversee this, then I will. 
For an average Minah like myself, I only know these facts from tv and newspaper articles and from the internet. I do not know who are the stakeholders, how many people working and who are the stakeholders are. And frankly, I don't care. I do not know the root cause of their problem but let me get this off my flat chest, MAS, please stop showing up on tv for different purpose other than to promote your airline services and promotions. Please stop showing up about stakeholders, about employee not satisfied, about how much loss and about who is going to be MAS chairman. I am bored watching and reading about that. How about making headlines on MAS free seats (better than empty seats to Kuching) or MAS half priced tickets only available on stand-by( still better than empty seats to Bintulu). Or basically, just make headlines about you all making lots of money.
And according to the article, MAS is waiting for their new aircrafts estimated arrival in 2013 in which will definitely help them to cut cost as these old aircrafts requires a lot of maintenance cost ( must be the company structural operations requires the same actions). Ahmad Jauhari said he need 18 months to make the change. My say, make it faster than that. I have waited to many tiring days and sleepless nights for that change where I can spend my lovely money (less is definitely better) on the unforgettable smile of a MAS stewardess. 


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