This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.

This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.
My name is Adif and I am handsome.

27 February 2013

Handmade Rock-ish colorful chinese crystals bracelet.

I don't want to call myself a jewelry maker. But I love making simple bracelets, necklaces and crafts. I love them. So?

1. Thought I want to share something random. Weeks  past I made this crystal bracelets. Simple, Colorful yet I find it quite boring. So I thought, well, let's make something else. Not wanting to detached the already hard to make bracelet, I just add something to it.

Colorful Chinese Crystal bracelet. Plain.
 2. So I attached 2 chains ( of gunmetal color, plated. Lead and nickel free. I am allergic to nickel). It changed the simple bracelet into something cool. Then my mind keep on telling me that it's not cool enough. Duhh... So me.
Gunmetal plated iron, lead and nickel free. Not cool though.

Close up.
close up picture.
3. Okay, then I added another few silver-plated chains but the color scheme of the chains totally off now. Gunmetal almost black then silver-plated chains all mixed up in this colorful chinese crystal, lo and behold, it was cool enough for me. 
I added a few more chains

Look at that. Ain't that something?

Was a simple colorful crystal bracelets punched into a rock-ish thing.

3.  So there you go. An easy peasy transformation of a simple bracelet into something I can wear with almost everything cos I am somebody who does not have any dress code. I'll wear the heaven if I want to. Nobody cares. Cool.

Lastly, if you want to try and make your own thingy like this you can get the things here.
But this place sells all sorts of tools and everything for your crafting needs . Pretty cool place. If you go there, for me being a crazy crafter, I want to buy everything!!! Hahahhaha...
Till then you all. 
Thanks so much for dropping by. 

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