This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.

This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.
My name is Adif and I am handsome.

10 August 2014

Meaning of Aidilfitri

Salam. Selamat Hari Raya. How's the raya celebration going? Going or gone already? Mine's gone. Some kueh lapis still inside the fridge though. Not much of a celebration as everybody seems to be in no mood to celebrate it.
But, apa pengertian Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you?

For me, it's a day of victory for fasting 30 days during  the month of Ramadhan. Fasting is no joke. When you fast during the month of Ramadhan, not only you do not eat and drink but, you also must refrain yourself from doing things that might lead to your fast being null. This is spiritually strengthening to your soul. You must keep your tongue to yourselves and stop talking about nonsense, stop gossiping and stop spreading lies. Stop your eyes from looking at maksiat. Stop thinking about bad things. But if you still do curse, look at sexy girls and think about killing somebody that means your soul isn't just there yet and your lust is wild. This is because during the month of Ramadhan, devil are held away for the whole month and gates of heaven are widely open. 
So for me, the point is that, if after Ramadhan, you still a big liar, womanizer and is still has a habit of gluttony, greed and all the sins you commit before Ramadhan, no victory for you. Ramadhan is just no food and drink for you. But hey, cheer up. There's always tomorrow where you can change into a different person altogether. Allah is Great. He has all His plans for you ever since you are still swimming in your mom's womb.

Alrighty then, guess no picture this time around. Take care and be safe.


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