This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.

This is my blog. Though I am lost, but my legacy remains. And I love Mona.
My name is Adif and I am handsome.

16 November 2014

Just something random about my silly self.

1. I have this unpredictable character that sometimes come and go as I please. A mean and dark character.

2. I want to be control of everything. I want to know and have that information with me all the time. 

3. I keep my password written in secret codes in my notebook. And every year when I change this notebook, I will copy all my password to the new book. Silly me right? Wrong!! I trust in myself rather in tech.

4. As much as I love to read, this year I read only about 3 books. 

5. I am slightly under weight. I have this idea that I should eat as much my body needs it which is not much. I munch a lot though.

6. Junk food!! love you!!

7. My mind is like a map. I know where I keep things at my own home, my boss's home, my office, my parents house and I still remember the way or road I once traveled 3 years back. Remembering them like they are just back of my eyes. 

8. I can't remember lettering on keyboards.

9. I love seeing my desk in a messy situation. It's easier to know if someone messing with my things.

10. I am self centered. Always me first. You later. 

11. I'm organised but I hate schedule. 

12. Live life like you are going to die tomorrow. Enjoy it the way you feel like doing it. Living life the way you want it to be differs between people so have it your way. Money can't buy you love but it can give you happiness. Just a little bit.

I love myself, silly ol' MonamOochiku.

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